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Hazardous Material

Some call it HazMat, others call it Hazardous Material.  It doesn’t matter how you say it, it’s always going to be a great way to enhance your CDL certifications.  Our online training HAZ what you need for a reliable and affordable certification addition.



Our Hazmat course

We provide you with a quick online overview of all things needed for your Hazardous Materials endorsement.  The ELDT HazMat Theory course will prepare you for all the questions you’ll find on your final test and most users finish within a few hours! If you already have your course, you can log in here!

Start From the Beginning

We offer you the WHOLE package for your professional CDL license.  You can start with a Class A or B license if you don’t already have a CDL; Then add the Hazardous Materials endorsement to complete your training.  You may also go the full route with the professional package and complete your ELDT theory training with every course and endorsement on the market. Click below on any of the package options to start your certification!

How and why to get your


Learn more about the process of our HazMat endorsement, and find out the benefits this certification can give you. 

A Word

From Our Developers

” We designed our courses to be comprehensive, easy to use and learn, as well as built options for different languages so more people can achieve their goals.  Not only can this HazMat course be used by the individual student, it can also be used by schools and companies to manage and build their employee portfolio.”

– Ashley & Philip Knapp

Our HAZMat Course

Quick, Simple, and You’re Done!

Our students show our success.  Over half of our users finish our HazMat course within a couple of hours to a day.  With that speed, and passing their final exams the FIRST time, you can be ready for certification as fast, or as timely as you need.   This is the best way to upgrade your career and it’s never been easier.

More Endorsement Options

Want to add even more to your professional resumé?  Find out more about our other certification options.

School Bus

This course will give you ELDT certification to get a School Bus endorsement. Click Here to start the School Bus training.

Passenger Bus

This course will give you ELDT certification for a Passenger endorsement. Click Here to begin your passenger training.



Extra Information and News

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Why get a HazMat Endorsement?

Why get a HazMat Endorsement?

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