A CDL Driving Myth

The CDL driving community directly saturates our world with its influence.  The very existence of everything we use can, in one way or another, be tied to trucking and the CDL.  It is an ever developing industry, one that cannot be thought of as a fading necessity of our modern world.  A common myth floating around these days is that truck driving is about to become obsolete.  The introduction of automated vehicles has sent a ripple of uncertainty through one of the largest industries within the US.  Rest easy.  There won’t be a massive layoff of truck drivers anytime soon.   Those who make the “Obsolete” claim are far removed from the reality of professional truck driving.

Is CDL Driving a Thing of the Past?

Unlike the average vehicle license, the commercial driver’s license is a claim to professionalism when handling precious cargo.  Whether it is product or people, it will take more time than we all have for automation to advance to that degree.  Yes, there is the possibility that larger companies will experiment with the automation of cargo transport.  This will reach the same wall of progress that we see in the aviation industry.  The auto-pilot system is a wonderful invention for the cohesion of air traffic; However, it is short-sighted to say all responsibilities of a commercial pilot are cured with the introduction of such an automated system.

Our short answer, No!

The critical aspects of CDL driving require the training and care of people.  This means the trucking industry has high potential to face the same wall erected around safety.  With everything from vehicle management to accident procedures, there is much more to the CDL profession than fighting off highway hypnosis.  So don’t fret all you out there who take pride in being the backbone of our commercial world.  There will always be a place for you in the 21st century.