Which RV License do you need?

If you’re looking to get your CDL RV license (Recreational Vehicle License), there are a few basics of what to look into.  This includes the vehicle class of what you’ll be driving and which endorsements are needed.

Two common Class licenses are the A and B.  These are very common for those who want to completely live on the road.  If you’re looking to house a moving vehicle, here are the RV license options and specifications for you!

Class A RV License

The class A license is required for large framed RV’s. You’ll usually see these in RV parks and on the road traveling to different destinations. If this is the type of vehicle you’ll be driving, the endorsements needed will include:

  • General Knowledge
  • Commercial Vehicle Operations
  • Combination
  • Air Brakes
  • and the Skills Test later on.

Class B RV License

If looking to get a class B license, you’ll be looking for a smaller RV.  These are about the frame size of a van and usually house about 1 to 2 people.

The endorsements needed for the class B license include:

  • General Knowledge
  • Commercial Vehicle Operations
  • Combination
  • Skills Test.

The Class B is similar to the Class A RV testing with the exception of Air Brakes.  If you’re looking to purchase an RV of a bigger size you may want to consider reviewing the Air brakes section for future knowledge.

Start training once you understand the basics and earn your certification!

Happy RV-ing!