Oil Field DriverDo you live in Texas and thought about becoming an oil field driver because of the pay and the increased demand? Are you curious about the steps you need to take but overwhelmed by the number of resources online that may not pertain to you? We have you covered. In this post, we will provide you with 4 tips to become an oil field driver in Texas and start getting a job.

  • Get A CDL License: At CDL2GO, we have an Oil Field Driver’s Course which consists of practice tests and quizzes. The materials in this course will have you prepared in passing the DPS (Department of Public Safety) Knowledge Testing and the Skills Test which are taken in a vehicle. This is the first and most important step to becoming an Oil Field Driver.
  • Earn your HAZMAT Endorsement: If you want to work in the oil fields, we suggest getting your HAZMAT endorsement. Working as an oil field driver can be dangerous and you need to understand how to transport, load and unload dangerous cargo. By becoming HAZMAT endorsed, you will have the training to follow the correct safety rules and guidelines as an oil field driver.
  • Go through the Texas Truck Driving Academy: You’ve obtained your CDL License and became HAZMAT-endorsed. Now it’s time to learn how to drive. The Texas Truck Driving Academy has a simulator training program that will give you the feeling of driving in real life terrain. Also, you will receive 160 Hours of in-truck training experience. After going through the training, you will have completed your journey to becoming a professional oilfield driver.
  • Finally, time to look for an oil field job: To best place to find work as an oil field driver is to head over to our Jobs2GO platform for oilfield truck job openings. There, you will have access to all available jobs in the Texas area. Start applying and begin your employment right away.

By following the 4 tips, you will be prepared and ready to become an oil field driver and start getting a job in Texas in no time.