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Your ultimate resource for CDL Entry-Level Driver Training. Our courses work for individuals, schools and companies. CDL2Go is a full cdl license method for an online classroom environment done on your time. If you are an individual looking to quickly complete the required theory training, or a company looking to implement a fully managed internal training system, CDL2Go is your FMCSA registered professional solution.

CDL2Go Online Theory Training

We Handle All Of Your CDL Classroom Needs.


Prepare yourself for the CDL license exams by enrolling in the CDL course that meets your needs.  Having an all encompassing classroom experience at your fingertips helps you get a jumpstart on your training.  Study and test yourself anywhere.  Our options extend beyond the classroom for those pushing to be the best in behind-the-wheel experience.

Partner Schools

Partner our classroom curriculum with the best options for hands-on facilities and finalize your CDL Skills training.  These schools work in partner with CDL2Go in order to provide users with a more hands-on CDL training experience behind the wheel.

ELDT Certified

ELDT (Entry Level Driver Training) is one of the best options for anyone looking for a professional career in the trade-school industry. Learn more about this and why it can be an amazing option in growing a business or your personal career.

ELDT Theory Training

CDL Training Requirements

Everything you need to know about CDL Training is here. Visit this page to answer all of your CDL ELDT questions.

Class A Theory Package

This is how to get your CDL FAST.

One of the most asked questions about CDL training is “How do I get my CDL fast?” So, how do you do it? You need to study for the first endorsement tests, pass them at the DPS, then move on to your driving tests. Our Class A package contains cdl practice test quiz questions, content learning, and all the basic information needed to earn a CDL.  You won’t have to study extra material, or spend excess time on unnecessary information.  Study at your own pace, on your own time, and wherever you actually have time. If you know you want a CDL but aren’t sure what add-on endorsements you will need in the future, this package will start you off with the correct material.

Class B Course

Be the most educated and skilled driver possible.

The Class B license is a very popular CDL license lately.  This CDL course prepares you for your class B license endorsement test. Once you complete the final exam with an 80% or higher, you’ll be confident with the whole class B trade and go in for your tests fully confident.  Be the best driver that we know you can be! 

Hazardous Materials Course

Start work with an additional endorsement.

Turnover rates can be high and that’s exactly why we supply you with the cdl online material you need, at a cost you can afford.  So dream big! Start your training with the knowledge you need, and pass your CDL tests. Watch yourself grow as you earn certification and empower you or your company.   

"Few fields have as diverse a set of big vehicles as the construction industry. ...You name it, the construction guys use it. All of them require an operator who possesses a CDL."

Advanced Career Institute

"With nearly three million students currently enrolled in fully online programs and six million taking at least one online course as part of their degree, online education has clearly become one of the most popular higher education alternatives."

Open Education Database

"You don’t have to really worry about being micro-managed while truck driving. It is one of the few jobs that you work independently and have minimal supervision. In many ways you are your own boss, whether you own your rig or not. "


Fill up Seats in your classroom

Be the Professor.

Try our Online Classroom for your Business.

You can be in charge of your employee success rate and watch them as they prepare for the CDL permit tests.  Pay in bulk, or by the individual, and send them to take their final test when their cdl test scores show they are ready. Test scores and cdl prep course progression are visible, as well as the financial ability to send more than a few in for certification.

See It. Report It.

Human Trafficking is a growing epidemic and having a CDL means a new responsibility to report trafficking when you see it.  Be a part of saving lives and always report human trafficking.  Send us a message with details about your sighting and we will do our part of reporting the incident. 

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