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The CDL2Go Online Professional Package is everything it claims in the name.

A full study guide for the full professional Commercial Driver.  No matter what endorsement is asked of you in the field of CDL driving, you’ll be prepared with a license to operate it.

The Professional Package gives you online learning access to EVERY endorsement; meaning, there will be nothing stopping you from being the most qualified CDL driver you can be. The professional online cdl training package will prepare you for excellence in permit testing and help you better retain the information for the duration of your time driving.

This specific online CDL study guide gives you a complete run through of every endorsement available for license and permit testing. The Professional Package tests you with General Knowledge, Air Brakes, Hazardous Materials, and more (endorsements listed below).  This online cdl training method has a huge range in information so you can study for any endorsement. Since CDL2Go is online, you can learn on your own time! Find the pace that is right for you, and work on your certification when and where you learn best. You can take the courses as many times as you want in order to feel prepared, as well as, see your exam results as you go through the endorsements.  You’ll know exactly how you’re doing and when you are ready to take your written CDL exams. The online professional package can be used on any smartphone, tablet, or computer and is available for our individual company programs. Once you complete all of your endorsement courses with an 85% or higher (the licensing office requires an 80%, or higher), you will be able to test strong for your permit exam and continue to remember the information for a great professional driving career.

The CDL2Go Professional Package consists of all written commercial driver permit test endorsements offered at your local licensing office. These endorsements are named General Knowledge, Combinations, Air Brakes, Commercial Vehicle Operations, Pre-Trip Inspection, Tanker, Hazardous Materials, Passenger Bus, School Bus, Double Triple Trailer, and Skills Test. Study for these endorsement tests online with CDL2Go, and have confidence when taking your final commercial learner’s permit exams.

If you want to become a professional in the Commercial Driving and Transport field, this is where you’ll want to start.  Our Professional Package for Class A CDL has the information you need, a learning experience that’s available wherever your laptop or smartphone can go, and a success rate to get you learning, tested, and off to the next part of testing quick and confidently.


Here is a list of the endorsements offered and what’s included in the CDL2Go Professional Package:

  1. General Knowledge

General Knowledge is the longest of all the sections. It provides basic instructions that all Commercial Vehicles will need to know, as well as how different parts of your vehicle will work, and what to do in common situations such as “railroad crossings” or “emergency situations.”  You will also learn things about speed, stopping distance, and how to respond to hazards such as black ice. If you have learned something about your vehicle or the way it functions, chances are you’ll be able to find it, or some closely related content in this section.  This endorsement is required on every commercial driver license and is usually the hardest to pass.  Our quiz system will help you retain your General Knowledge endorsement information so you can pass your permit exam just like you passed the course quizzes.

  1. Combinations

In short: Those driving a combination vehicle over 26,000 lbs or pulling a trailer over 10,000 lbs must complete this endorsement. The easiest way to think about the Combinations endorsement is, as one of the structural foundation pieces to your CDL training. In other words: You’re going to need this one.  More than not, you will be hauling things on a larger scale.  You will learn from this endorsement what needs to be done to assure the combination vehicle stays together securely and properly.  This prevents spills, accidents, and potential financial loss.  Without understanding and studying, you may find yourself thinking, “I should have taken that Combinations endorsement…”

  1. Air Brakes

“Does my vehicle have air brakes?”

If you’re driving a vehicle in the transportation industry, it most likely has air brakes.  Air brakes can be found on almost any vehicle requiring a CDL to drive it.  Not only are they a life-saving mechanism, but they are abundant in the transport industry. By studying this portion of the package, you’ll have knowledge that will come in handy in almost any situation presented to you within the trucking industry.

  1. Commercial Vehicle Operations.

This section relates specifically to those taking their Class A CDL Permit Exam in Texas.  Not a resident of Texas? That’s okay! You can still take the Texas Exam. Since a Class A CDL license can be used across state lines, you can take the Texas written exam, even if your permanent residence is in Oklahoma, New Mexico, Kansas (etc.).  This endorsement will cover state specific guidelines you would need to follow while operating in the state of Texas.  If you’re not sure what you’ll need for testing in a state other than Texas, send us a message or contact your local DPS or DMV office.

  1. Pre-Trip Inspection

You wouldn’t start a drive without filling up with fuel, right?

Pre-Trip Inspection will prepare you for how to do this, and your other necessary tasks before getting out on the road.  The Pre-Trip inspection is critical in safe traveling.  You must know the proper functions and rate at which things are stable. This section is especially useful since you will be performing a pre-trip inspection every time you leave for the open road, and a critical part of your permit testing experience.

  1. Tanker

If you want a fully endorsed license, you will need the Tanker endorsement.  Tanker trucks are usually hauling liquid in bulk, and can be especially tricky to drive. Weight of the liquid inside the tanker trailer can cause shifting and imbalance if you’re not fully prepared.  Visual representations and critical thinking quiz questions will help you remember this content for years to come and prepare you for all types of scenarios in which you may find yourself in while driving a Tanker truck.

  1. Hazardous Material

Here’s where things get REALLY professional.  The Hazardous Materials endorsement extends your ability beyond operating basic technical responsibilities and vehicles and takes you into a world where you become a respected and responsible driver in any circumstance. That may sound over-exaggerated, but when you’re hauling hazardous materials small checks and balances keep yourself and the rest of the drivers safe on the road.

This section will quiz you on the different placard types, loading regulations, what to do in dangerous situations, and more about specific hazardous materials.

  1. Passenger Bus

The Passenger Bus endorsement provides all the special qualifications needed to drive a bus.  This can tend to be a larger type of Bus than the typical school bus; therefore, it will need more studying and maintenance.  If you want to drive a Passenger Bus, this endorsement will teach you how to handle a large vehicle in different circumstances as well as guide you on how the Bus functions as a whole.

  1. School Bus

The yellow school bus taking kids to school is an iconic memory tucked away in most of our minds. This endorsement is important for coaches, teachers, or anyone looking for a morning route solution.  There are many uses for this endorsement, including that you can be 18 years old to drive a school bus.  Usually these type of bus vehicles do not cross state lines, so you don’t have until you are 21 years old to start updating your professional driving resume. Knowing the information provided in this endorsement will help you understand and become aware of how to handle situations where other people are involved. It can be particularly hard with children or students if a dangerous situation occurs, so we designed this section to help you understand exactly the protocol in risky school bus situations.

  1. Double Triple Trailer

The Double Triple Trailer endorsement is essential for those planning on finding a job where they will have long and large loads to pull.  This endorsement will teach ways in which you can keep your trailer safe and secure. You will be quizzed on emergency scenario situations, loading procedures, and the specific things to inspect on your double triple trailer.

  1. Skills Test Prep

The Skills Test, or driving portion of the testing process, is the last step in earning your full Commercial Driver License (CDL).  This portion of the course will be open for review in full detail of what will be asked of you during your driving test, before you have to do it in person.  During this portion of the commercial driving license tests, the driver will be asked to perform specific pre-check requirements and pass a driving test.  With the help of the information you learned from your endorsement tests, and the Skills Test Prep lesson, there should be no hesitation when completing the driving portion.  You will also want to practice driving before you’re driving portion of testing.  We have many resources available for this and can help you find a school that offers trucks to practice in.


How will I take this course?

Our Professional Package comes in online form. You can use your computer, tablet, or smartphone to access this. After purchasing the Professional Package, you’ll be sent an email with your password and other information. This email will direct you to a login screen where you can start studying as soon as you enter the site!

Click on your first lesson and once you’re done studying for the day, come back later to where you left off.


How will I learn all the information?

These aren’t your typical courses. You’ll be quizzed throughout the entire time of course work, using critical thinking to give a more successful rate of retaining the licence exam knowledge.  Since you’re using the Professional course package, this will come in handy with the amount of information you’ll need to remember for your commercial drivers license tests.

You may also take your final endorsement quizzes on different days if that is a preference. As long as you complete all of your endorsement exams (including the driving portion) within 90 days, you can space out your final exams to give you a better quality learning experience.


What if I don’t need all endorsements in the Professional Package?

There are other packages listed on our home page for class A CDL, class B CDL, Recreational Vehicle (RV), Oilfield, and the Basic Course.  Each of these are specific to a group of related endorsements.  The Professional Package was developed for the individual who needs to have the entire range of endorsement options open on their license. If you are only getting your license to drive an RV or are trying to apply for a position on a rig, then there will be better options than the Professional Package for you.  If you still don’t see the package you think is right for you then send us a message so we can help guide you toward the license tests you’ll want to study for.


I bought and started the Basic Package. Can I upgrade to the Professional Package if I change my mind?

You can always add endorsements to your list later, so if you need to start small, begin your CDL training with the Basic Package. If you begin the course and find yourself wishing later that you had bought the professional package, just send us a message so we can easily upgrade your courses. We know you will get the information needed for a successful testing experience and by upgrading your course to the Professional Package you will save time and money by getting your license endorsement tests out of the way for future opportunities.