School Bus


Designed to train you for the knowledge tests required to obtain a CDL School Bus License.

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The yellow school bus taking kids to school is an iconic memory tucked away in most of our minds. Our endorsement makes it easy for coaches, teachers, or anyone looking for an opportunity in driving a bus.  There are so many uses and benefits for this endorsement, including that you can be 18 years old to earn a school bus drivers license.  Usually these types of school bus vehicles do not cross state lines, so you don’t have until you are 21 years old to start updating your professional driving resume. Knowing the information provided in this endorsement will help you understand and become aware of how to handle situations where other people are involved.

Having a school bus drivers license can be particularly hard with children or students if a dangerous situation occurs, so we designed this section to help you understand exactly the protocol in risky school bus situations.


School Bus Course Includes:

  1. Commercial Vehicle Operations
    • This endorsement covers the “Special Requirements” of Texas for the school bus and more.
  2. General Knowledge
    • Those attempting to obtain a commercial license of any kind must complete this endorsement.
  3. Passenger
    • Those driving a vehicle used for transporting a larger amount of passengers must complete this endorsement.
  4. Air Brakes
    • Those driving a vehicle equipped with air brakes must complete this endorsement.
  5. Pre-Trip Virtual Inspection
    • All vehicle types require completion of a pre-trip inspection.
  6. School Bus
    Endorsement for the basic knowledge of having a school bus drivers license.
  7. Skills Test Prep
    • Understanding what is expected during the DPS exam can make or brake your skills test.