Our CDL Company Program

The trucking world is one of the most mobile and high risk industries in the country.  Where there is motion, there is a higher risk of loss, and the trucking industry is total motion.  Don’t spin your wheels trying to keep up with the constant need for CDL driver’s. With our CDL company program, the risk of maintaining a healthy truck fleet will be taken out of the equation.  Let motion of your industry work for you.

We have changed CDL training!

When looking at changing the dynamics of an industry, one must ask the question, “what are the largest drawbacks to the status quo?”  After taking a good long look at the American trucking world, one theme began to pop up time and again.  Cost, time, and uncertainty were the largest drawbacks that continued to arise as the source of a contracted driver supply.  By focusing on how to develop a new training method that overcame these challenges, our company has created an innovative new app that reduces your cost, time spent on hiring and/or employee training, and creates the environment for you to only spend money on a sure thing.

How We Did It?

The key to understanding how to optimize, just like with an engine, is to know every working part.  Knowledge acquisition was the element of CDL training being overlooked as the cheapest aspect, most particularly by the industry itself.  By focusing on knowledge exam reviews, and especially making them mobile, CDL2go was able to drastically reduce the money and company time it takes to finish the majority of the license process.  With their state written tests complete and their permit in hand, the company now knows, without spending a dime, who has proven an ability to complete the process of receiving their CDL.


Located in Longview, TX.

We picked this company to represent us because of their amazing work ethic and skill set. You will get everything you need to be a true professional driver with CDL Truck Services.