Passenger Bus


Sold By: CDL 2 Go


The CDL Passenger Bus endorsement provides all the special qualifications needed to drive a bus.  This can tend to be a larger type of Bus than the typical school bus; therefore, it will need more studying and maintenance.  If you want to drive a Passenger Bus, this endorsement will teach you how to handle a large vehicle in different circumstances as well as guide you on how the Bus functions as a whole.

Passenger Bus Course Includes:

  1. Commercial Vehicle Operations
    • This endorsement covers the “Special Requirements” of Texas.
  2. General Knowledge
    • Those attempting to obtain a commercial license of any kind must complete this endorsement.
  3. Passenger
    • Those driving a vehicle used for transporting a larger amount of passengers must complete this endorsement.
  4. Air Brakes
    • Those driving a vehicle equipped with air brakes must complete this endorsement.
  5. Pre-Trip Virtual Inspection
    • All vehicle types require completion of a pre-trip inspection.
  6. Skills Test Prep
    • Understanding what is expected during the DPS exam can make or brake your skills test.