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TTDA School Program – Oil Field Driver


Sold By: CDL 2 Go


CDL2Go – Knowledge Training

Texas Truck Driving Academy – Skills Training

Getting Your CDL Driver License

If you’re searching for the easiest way to get your CDL oil field training, then Texas Truck Driving Academy partnered with CDL2GO is what you’re after. We help get anyone certified as a professional commercial driver.  Students fly through in a breeze with the most up to date training methods and mobile course access.  This highly interactive program will test your CDL knowledge while providing you with extensive CFR commercial driving information.  Our virtual pre-trip inspection allows our students to become oriented with the layout of a tractor-trailer combination before they even set foot on payment.  Course completion means no doubt as to whether our students can handle any CDL License Test, so let’s do it.

The knowledge course comes packaged with everything you need to become a professional oil field driver.  This program specializes in the complex rural driving that is required with going to and from oil sitesNothing can be more dangerous and costly than the lack of smart, well prepared experience of tackling uneven terrain while moving highly volatile and unstable loads across its questionable and unforgiving bends and curves.   Once your online training has been complete and your CDL permit has been obtained at the DPS, you are ready for our Texas Truck Driving Academy team to get you started on the simulator.  Completion of your simulator training propels you onto the next step of a fully immersed hands on experience with a combination truck.  Your instructor will not only be there to help teach you everything you need to know about being a professional oil field driver, but also to provide you with your final skills test and completion CDL license certificate.  With our flexible CDL oil field Training program, your journey to becoming a professional driver and the time that goes into the process will meet your needs.

TTDA CDL Oil Field Includes:


  1. Commercial Vehicle Operations
    • This endorsement covers the “Special Requirements” of Texas.
  2. General Knowledge
    • Those attempting to obtain a commercial license of any kind must complete this endorsement.
  3. Combinations
    • Those driving a combination vehicle over 26,000 lbs or pulling a trailer over 10,000 lbs must complete this endorsement.
  4. Air Brakes
    • Those driving a vehicle equipped with air brakes must complete this endorsement.
  5. Pre-Trip Virtual Inspection
    • All vehicle types require completion of a pre-trip inspection.
  6. Tanker
    • Those looking to commercially transport bulk liquids of any kind that meet the CDL license requirements.
  7. Hazardous Materials
    • Those looking to commercially transport any type of hazardous materials.
  8. Double-Triple
    • Those looking to commercially transport loads requiring the combination of more than one trailer.
  9. Skills Test Prep
    • Understanding what is expected during the DPS exam can make or brake your skills test.
  10. Simulator Training Hours
    • Partial training hours on an up to 19-speed manual or automatic transmission.
  11. Yard and Road Training Hours
    • Combined with your simulator training, you will be provided with 160 Hours of in-truck training experience.  You will be provided an extensive study focus on rural and rough back country road driving and the critical elements that go along with getting to and from oil sites.